CES 2009: Green Is Here, But It's Sent to Stand in the Corner

Everyone has an eco corner at their CES 2009 booth image

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

While there's an eco-presence to most of the booths of major electronics manufacturers, it's relegated to small sections of the very, very large booths.

Read on for impressions of companies and their corners. Panasonic had the largest and most interactive section of anything seen so far, with exhibits that engage the visitor. But it also had a massive booth, running from one wall of the hall to the other. So relatively speaking, it's still just a small corner.

Toshiba had the corner that showed the most earnestness and featured technology that is really cutting edge - and their environmental section this year is larger than last year.

Nokia had nearly no corner at all - just a computer with an informative representative - and yet it showed the most green through its booth's actions.

Samsung was just a wall with almost nothing to read about the items displayed, and staff members that didn't talk much with visitors.

HP's was the lamest, with just a few items like the greener Pavilion on display, and the packaging for an "eco-friendly mouse" but no mouse to actually play with.

This is just a small handful of the booths with green shoved in the corner. There are certainly more little sections in the many major manufactures' booths, but for the most part, you have to keep a sharp eye out for the green.

As for the smaller booths, you really have to know what company you're looking for, or just stumble upon those you don't already know about...something that has happily occurred several times for me this trip.

Considering that LG's booth is larger than the entire Sustainable Planet zone, it looks like green gadgets have a long way to go before they're the main feature of this tradeshow - as Greenpeace pointed out with their report. For now, if you want to dig into green electronics, you have to head to New York for Greener Gadgets in February.

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