CES 2009: ecoNEW Offers New TakeBack Program

ecoNEW take back program photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

ecoNEW launched a new electronics takeback program that gives customers something back for their used gadgets, and they were excited to show it off at their booth at CES. The program is similar to other takeback programs in that you enter in specifics about the device you want to turn in and are given a quote for how much you'll receive for it. If you decide you want to send it in, you're given a mailing label to print out. When you send in your stuff, ecoNEW checks that it is what you said it is, and send you a store gift card for the value to use at participating retailers including Sam's Club, Office Depot and the Navy Exchange.

Even if your item has no value, you can still send it in and they'll properly recycle it.

While it doesn't necessarily stand out from a lot of other programs, the more the merrier when it comes to getting people to properly dispose of their devices when they're done with them. It's a little bit of a bummer that you receive credit at a store rather than cash, but if you frequent one of their participating retailers, then it evens out just fine.

What is especially nice about ecoNEW is this:

To ensure that the items are recycled properly, NEW only works with ISO 14001 registered and compliant partners. We and our partners adhere to a zero landfill, no export policy for recyclable items. We ensure, through third party audits, that all items are recycled and smelted using U.S. based refineries. Raw materials are then sold back into the manufacturing chain as part of the final process.


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