CES 2009: eco Take Back Program

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Eco Take Back had a great booth in the Sustainable Planet zone and I stopped in to find out more about their recycling efforts. The company takes in e-waste items and recycles it. I asked what sets them apart from other recyclers, and how we can know they're not just shipping it off to a toxic waste pile in a developing country.

Eco Take Back does their own recycling. I was even invited to come to their facility in Menlo Park to take a tour. Since they do their own recycling, they can provide transparency to the people using their services.

A user can visit their website to figure out the best way to recycle their particular device. They ask certain information about what you're recycling, the brand, and where you're located. The reason:

There are vast arrays of different recycling programs available across the country. We use the information provided to select the best solution based on where you live and what you need to recycle.

It's pretty cool, but there's one big problem (that may or may not stem from Eco Take Back). I tried to enter in several of my devices, from my laptop to my TV, and there was nothing in my area for taking it back. But, I live in San Francisco and was told there's a facility in Menlo Park (just down the road). Strange. I tried it out after visiting the booth, so I wasn't able to ask for an answer to this conundrum.

The company is continuing to grow, so perhaps their services will be extended soon.

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