CES 2009: Christopher Knight Helps Kick off Green Plug's First Product

Christopher  Knight with green plug's innergie charger photo

Christopher Knight shows off the Innergie universal charger with integrated GreenTalk; Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

Green Plug, a smart charging technology we've been watching for awhile, debuted its first Greentalk-integrated product, Innergie. Innergie is the world's smallest universal adapter, and now it has a new trick up its sleeve. Green Plug's goal is ultimately to make it so manufacturers of electronic devices no longer have to make chargers specific to the devices. Instead, consumers would have one charger that can power all of their devices. Plus, Green Plug is smart, shutting off when it senses the device is charged to help stop vampire power.

"President elect Obama recently told all Americans that they need to shut off the lights 
and unplug power supplies when they are not needed," said Paul Panepinto, EVP Sales 
and Marketing, Green Plug.  "With the Greentalk open systems power interface, power 
adapters automatically stop consuming power when devices don't need any." Â

Innergie charger product photo

Innergie Charger
The interface for Innergie is simple. It tells you when something is plugged in and using a charge, and when it isn't.
Green plug screen shot

It tells you also when a device no longer needs to be plugged in, and can shut off power to the device. Anything up to 19 volts can be used with Innergie. It's also pretty sleek looking, and it's light weight. And Christopher Knight digs it.

Preventing e-Waste
The main issue Green Plug is addressing is not really vampire power - it's e-waste. One of the primary drives for Green Plug's team is to cut out the incredible amount of materials and waste that occur with unnecessary chargers that are stuck in a drawer or thrown in a trash can when the device is no longer used.

Consumer Drive for Fewer Chargers
The passion of the team was apparent when I spoke with them while testing out the new Innergie product, and one of the neatest moves they're making is getting consumers involved. If you're sick of toting around wads of chargers when you travel, or having too many things plugged into a wall, you can go to IwantMyGreenPlug.com and let manufacturers know that there's a demand for this technology.

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