Cell Phone Sales Slump Is Good Green News

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Cell phone users have gotten into the habit of replacing their old cell phones every 14-18 months. And currently, there are more than 700 million used cell phones in the US. So when Reuters reports that cell phone sales will be down for the first time since 2001, it’s pretty tough to feel worried. In fact, it’s tough to feel anything but relief.

TreeHugger is all over this topic, since we love figuring out how to make what we have last as long as possible. So if you happen to look at that news item and see concern about the future of your phone, fret no more. We have some tips.

Cell phone makers have prepared themselves for the market slowdown over the last months, avoiding the build-up of large inventories that hurt the market in 2001…Chief Executive Paul Jacobs said the credit crisis and economic uncertainty means sales of wireless gadgets would likely be slower in 2009 than previously thought, adding he saw a "significant contraction" in customers' inventory in the first two quarters.

This is pretty great news, considering that there are already more than enough quality cell phones to go around. It goes to underscore the idea of using what we have for as long as it works before replacing it. It might even become a boost for used gadget sellers and buy-back programs.

The average cell phone is made to last for about five years. You can get some significant life out of your phone by following a few tips.

Make your battery last longer by doing things like turning off your phone when you don’t need it, keeping the battery cool, and charging it according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer because different batteries will last longer if different charging methods are used. Also, keep the battery contacts clean.

There are also a lot of ways to fix your phone if it gets wet, or if the screen gets scratched. Check out the video tutorials we’ve rounded up to help with quite a few phone problems.

And finally, even if you switch providers, you don’t have to ditch your phone. If you’re switching to a provider that wants you to get new equipment, check out Houdinisoft for ways to carry your old phone to a new provider.

Pat yourself on the back – you’re helping to prevent e-waste and green our earth by actually using one of the hundreds of millions of phones already in the US.

Cell phone sales slump? It’s about time.

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