Caviar Green Hard Drive Offeres More Energy Savings for PCs

caviar green photo

For those of you who like building your own PCs and are always on the lookout for ways to make it greener and more energy efficient, Western Digital has an improved version of its hard drive, called Caviar Green, to help you out. The company states that the new hard drive uses 20% less energy and performs even better than the previous iteration.

It can get pretty aggravating when companies push hard that their product is eco-friendly and green just because it consumes less energy. WD is nudging close to the greenwashing line in the way they angle this product. Nevertheless, energy conservation is indeed a big part of being eco-conscious, and so we’ll have a closer look at this new hard drive. The company points out three technologies utilized that help drop the power consumption down while the performance is boosted – IntelliSeek, which calculates the optimum seek speed, NoTouch ramp load technology, which ensures less wear on disk media, and IntelliPower, a balance of spin speek, transfer rate, and caching algorithms. Additionally, the company states that the Cavia Green consumes less current during start up, for that extra bit of savings.

All the features sound pretty cool, and energy savings is energy savings. So gadget heads, take note of a new product to consider for your greener gadget arsenal.

Via Good Clean Tech
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