Capture Amazing Up-Close Images of Birds Eating with Bird Photo Booth

I set up a feed sack for finches outside my window so that I could watch them while I work, and I always keep a camera on my desk for when they arrive. But many times if I'm not ninja enough, by the time I lift my camera to my face, they've seen me and have flown off. What to do other than set up some sort of blind through the window? Well...PetaPixel points out a project that provides a solution using an every-day gadget and a little food.

Bird photo enthusiast Bryson Lovett came up with the Bird Photo Booth. It's the very first bird feeder that also functions as a photo booth, using a GoPro camera or an iPhone. And the results can be amazing:

Here's how it works, using an iPhone controlled by an iPad to capture photos:

The quality of the images is really impressive. Though I'd rather be out with a "real" camera that gives me more control over where I focus and when I shoot, this is certainly a device I wouldn't mind setting up outside my window for those skittish finches, as well as other birds coming to visit. Who knows, maybe you'll get a squirrel or two.

And you don't have to stick with using it in combo with a feeder. Here, Lovett used a Gorillapod and stuck it in a creek where birds bathe and other wildlife might appear. Basically you've got your own remote critter-cam.

I just love when daily technology brings us closer to nature!

The project is up on Kickstarter, so if you want to see the Bird Photo Booth in your own backyard, I recommend backing it:

Capture Amazing Up-Close Images of Birds Eating with Bird Photo Booth
This stealthy device combines a camera with a bird feeder so you can get the most up-close photos of birds possible!

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