Canon Makes Calculators From Recycled Copiers

canon calculator from recycled copier image

Photos via Pocket Lint

Now this is the kind of business model we love and want to see a whole lot more of - companies taking back their junked products and using the materials to make their new products. Canon is doing just that, turning their old recycled copiers into new calculators. While it of course isn't a 100% closed loop cycle, and the calculators aren't perfectly green, Canon is taking steps at being more eco-friendly by taking the plastics from their recycled copiers and using it to make their new calculators.

The LS-120TSG and the F-502G are made from 100% recycled plastic from the copiers, and the LS-120TSG is solar powered.

We give them one thumb up for going in the right direction. The second thumbs up will come when they expand this practice to everything they make.

Via Pocket Lint
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