Can you go 5 minutes without touching your phone in order to help fund clean water?

UNICEF Tap Project

Even if we can't commit to an entire day of unplugging, surely we can all give up 5 minutes. I know that's a stretch, but if you can manage the discomfort, Giorgio Armani and S'well will provide the funding equivalent of one day of clean water for a child for the UNICEF Tap Project.

Two years ago, we told you that if you could go 10 minutes without touching your phone, Giorgio Armani would fund a day of water for a child in need, and it was an unpredictably popular article, but 10 minutes must have been too long, because this year, the bar has been lowered to just 5 minutes. The UNICEF Tap Project has actually been operating for the past ten years as a way to help alleviate water poverty, although perhaps it takes a silly blog post title and a name brand such as Armani to get our attention.

Just to put this in context, most of us with smartphones will never have to go thirsty for very long, nor will our lives be threatened by water and sanitation issues, and we can 'reach out and touch someone' almost anywhere in the world, anytime we want, through our magical minicomputers that we call phones. And yet, in 2016, about 1000 children younger than 5 years old will die every day from lack of clean water and hygienic sanitation facilities, coupled with lack of adequate healthcare.

"Millions of children around the globe do not have safe, clean water to drink, and the lack of this basic necessity isn’t just inconvenient — it’s lethal." - UNICEF Tap Project

One way that the Tap Project is helping to mitigate the lethal nature of water poverty is through fundraising activities, but don't pull out your wallets yet, because you can do something to help boost this philanthropic effort without actually having to donate your own money. Of course, your donations are always welcome, but in the month of March, all you have to do to help raise money for clean water is to just leave your phone alone for five minutes, and if you can do so, then Giorgio Armani and S'well will donate the equivalent amount of money needed to supply a child with a day's worth of clean water.

"Approximately 663 million people do not have clean drinking water, and 2.4 billion live without adequate sanitation facilities. Globally, illnesses caused by unsafe drinking water, lack of sanitation and poor hygiene are among the leading causes of death for children under five, contributing to nearly 1,000 deaths a day." - UNICEF Tap Project

Here's how it works: Navigate to with your mobile phone, hit "Begin" (OK, it's actually two more clicks than that) and then put your phone down and leave it alone for just five minutes. I know, we might miss something that happens on the internet during that time, but that's what our social media friends are for, right?

UNICEF Tap Project minisiteUNICEF/Screen capture

For the month of March, this clean water campaign will receive up to $75,000 from Giorgio Armani Fragrances, and up to $100,000 from S'well, depending on how much participation they get from us. This is the second year for S'well to partner with the UNICEF Tap Project, but Giorgio Armani Fragrances has been participating since 2010, and has donated almost $2.9 million toward the program's global water and sanitation initiatives.

Go ahead, head over to, put your phone down for at least 5 minutes (you got this, Facebook can wait), and help a child with one of their most basic human needs - clean water.

Can you go 5 minutes without touching your phone in order to help fund clean water?
Even if we can't commit to an entire day of unplugging, surely we can all give up 5 minutes.

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