Camera Concept Forces You to Be Sentimental So You Won't Throw It Away

Embedded in so many of our gadgets is an insidious design plot: planned obsolescence. So many companies want their latest and greatest to soon become old rubbish so that you buy the next iteration of their product. It's the cycle of consumerism, and it keeps you spending money on stuff you don't know you don't want. However, there are still many designers that recognize the importance and joy of making something that will last a lifetime, and the fact that a consumer may only buy one of these designs ever is perfectly okay with them. That's the case with this camera concept.

Called the Timeless Capture, this design by Brian Matanda "forces an emotional attachment to the user through the medium of selective photography thereby extending its life, a polar opposite to planned obsolescence."

The camera is both an image capture device as well as a display device. According to the press release, "The captured images are immediately downloaded directly to the viewer wirelessly once the camera is in close proximity. It is also the sole access point to the images as the camera has no lcd display."

Essentially, the only way to view the images you capture is through the display unit. Which means if you're sentimental over photos, then you'd better keep these two devices together forever. For anyone who wants flexibility in how they see their images or how much control they have over them after they're downloaded (i.e. everyone) then this product might be less than ideal. In fact, it could become the opposite of what the designer is going for as someone tries it out only to discover that they're not keen about the limitations of the device, and the fact that it relies on technology that is quickly outdated to the point of being undesirable. However, with this design it's the thought that counts:

The project attempts to approach sustainable design in an unconventional way by focusing more on the value and the role the product plays in the user’s life. It attempts to pose this question, “What would the world be like if products were made to be un-disposable?”

What would the world be like if every product were not only intended to last, but also be something we want to cling to? This camera concept doesn't answer that question; in fact, it does a great job of asking even more questions like the dangers of being sentimentally attached to "stuff." Yet it does a wonderful job of getting us to mull over these issues.

Camera Concept Forces You to Be Sentimental So You Won't Throw It Away
The Timeless Capture camera concept creates a bond between the user and the device in order to battle planned obsolecense.

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