California E-Waste Goes Eco-Friendly


Beginning February 9, new California state laws will take effect that require all electronic waste to be recycled, rather than dumped in the trash and shipped to landfills. According to the state, in 2003, 515,000 tons of electronics were dumped into California landfills; 44% of the waste by volume consisted of CRTs and TV sets. Instead of chucking them, consumers will be required to take their old microwaves, laptops, fluorescent lighting and the like to state-managed household hazardous waste collection centers. Unfortunately, “We have no plans, nor do we have the resources, to go door-to-door to determine who is throwing away what in their trash,'’ says a spokesperson for the CA Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). “Most Californians care about their environment. We feel if we tell them what to do, and assist them, they’ll do the right thing." California's laws, designed to stem the spread of mercury and other toxins, have been in effect for businesses for four years, giving both the state and consumers a grace period, to set up the collection centers and transition into using them. More info can be found at the California DTSC website. ::DTSC via ::Engadget and ::Product Dose