Build Your Own Solar Charger with Voltaic's DIY Kits

Now you can easily roll-your-own mobile solar charging solution, without a lot of guesswork, thanks to these handy DIY solar charging kits from Voltaic.

Voltaic already produces ready-made solar chargers, such as solar powered backpacks and iPad cases, but now they're also selling the components in kit form, allowing users to choose the right power solution for what they need, and then mount it onto the platform of their choice.

The solar panel kits from Voltaic start on the small size with a $25, 6V, 2 Watt panel, which can be combined with a $40, 11 Wh battery to handle charging needs for smartphones or digital cameras. At the top of the range is the $161, 18V, 16.8 Watt panel, which can be configured with a 160 Wh laptop battery ($149) to build your own laptop charging system to fit on your backpack or briefcase.

Voltaic also offers multiple choices for connecting hardware and circuit boxes for the systems, so you can connect two or more of the PV panels in series or in parallel for your specific power needs. The panels all include stainless steel mounting screws embedded into their corners, which can be attached to or through thin material for mounting the system.

Check out their full line of DIY solar charging options here: Voltaic

Build Your Own Solar Charger with Voltaic's DIY Kits
With these solar charger kits, you can build the right system for your mobile or off-grid power needs, and then easily mount the whole thing onto your own backpack or bag.

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