Build your own cell phone, complete with laser-cut case

The smart phone is changing our lives and our priorities, but not everyone needs one, and not everyone can afford one. Designboom shows the work of David Mellis, a Phd student at MIT Media Lab. He has designed a DIY GSM phone out of about 60 components and a laser-cut wood case.

laser cut phoneDavid Mellis via Designboom/CC BY 2.0

Is it enough for people today? Does it make sense to build your own when there must be a couple of million old flip phones that could be reused? I wonder. But it is wonderful to see such technology demystified. It is all available open-source on GitHub, and if you can find your way around there, you can probably build it.

More images at Designboom.

Tags: Do It Yourself | Electronics


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