Build a Battery-Free Radio With a Glass Bottle

bottle radio imageMake Projects/Video screen capture

Have you ever built a crystal radio? Have you ever built a battery-free crystal radio? I haven't but this project from MAKE Projects makes me really want to try it out! You need no power source, and can repurpose a glass bottle to do the job!

This is a "Featured Project", which means it "has been found to be exceptionally cool by the MAKE staff" -- and we also find it to be exceptionally cool. The video below gives detailed instructions on how to put the radio together, using a board, some screws, a lot of wire and of course the bottle among other materials. Once done, you have a cheap AM radio you can use any time, anywhere to listen in on the airwaves.

It's a great way to learn about some basic DIY gadget-building skills, and these can be translated to other, more techy projects, which it sounds like you'll need in the near future. As Make notes, "As radio stations slowly move away from the AM band, the "window of opportunity" to experience this remarkable technology is dwindling."

So, plan on trying out this project on the sooner side of later.

Build a Battery-Free Radio With a Glass Bottle
You can listen in on radio signals all over town using zero electricity with this simple glass bottle radio project, whipped up in an afternoon!

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