Make Your Own Electric Motor with Buckyballs (Video)

buckyballs electric motorGraham Nash/Video screen capture

Buckyballs,are remarkable little things. The powerful magnets are great to play around with, and it turns out you can do all sorts of things with them- including make your own miniature electric motor. That's what Graham Nash did, and you can give it a shot as well, thanks to his video tutorial.

Nash describes the project as difficult, but from watching the video (read: not actually trying it) it doesn't look all that complicated to me. There's no in-depth scientific or technical knowledge involved, it just takes time, patience, and some skill with your hands.

All you need is a set of 200 Buckyballs (which you can buy online), the magnet from a levitating pen (also available online), some copper wire and a battery. The little motor itself won't power too much, but it's a great starting point for a larger project.

Nash's YouTube channel also features a desktop fan, a flashlight and a little cannon, so there are plenty of ways to build on the experience of this simpler project.

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