Brilliant energy-generating soccer ball finally on sale

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Last year we wrote about the Soccket, a soccer ball that creates electricity as you play. It is a brilliant ideas for developing areas where electricity is scarce but a passion for soccer is not. In fact, in many poverty-stricken areas where soccer is popular, kids will use anything they can find, including condoms or old plastic bags, to create a soccer ball. So it makes perfect sense to build a device that can be used as a soccer ball during the day while also creating energy to be used for lighting when the sun goes down.

The Soccket saw great demand during the prototyping process, and the designers have finally perfected the product to the point that they launched a Kickstarter to fund productions. They need $75,000 to get this project off the ground, and if you back them for $100 or more, you could get your very own Soccket ball.

We love this idea that combines fun with necessity, that combines playfulness with practicality. And we hope this project reaches their funding target in the time they have left. Here's a video for more details on the Soccket project:

Brilliant energy-generating soccer ball finally on sale
This fantastic design of a soccer ball that generates electricity while you play has hit Kickstarter, and you can finally own one for yourself.

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