A flat-pack boombox for your smartphone, made from recycled cardboard

Berlin Boombox cardboard portable speaker
© Berlin Boombox

Back in the day, it was hip to tote around a big boombox to broadcast your musical tastes to the entire neighborhood, but now our media players tend to be tiny and high-tech, with only our own headphones as the outlet for our music.

Sure, there are plenty of options for portable speakers on the market, but if you've got a retro thing, and want to be able share your tunes with others, this cardboard boombox might be just what you've been waiting for.

Essentially a portable speaker system and amplifier built into a shell that resembles the boomboxes of yesteryear, the Berlin Boombox lets users play their music out loud from any smartphone or MP3 player (actually anything that has a headphone cord port), giving them access to today's portable music devices while offering old-school visual stylings.

Launched with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter a few years ago, the Berlin Boombox starts out as a kit containing flat-packed die-cut cardboard, plus two speakers and a small digital amplifier, that can be assembled by the user (no glue or tools needed) in just a few minutes. The device is powered by 3 AA batteries, which are said to capable of playing up to 200 hours of music, and only has one physical control, an aluminum volume knob reminiscent of the audio controls found on the original boomboxes.

Here's a peek at how they're made:

The Berlin Boombox is available in plain brown 100% recycled cardboard, or in various screenprinted versions made partially with recycled cardboard (or a blank white customizable version), and sells for about 65€. Berlin Boombox offers replacement shells for about 17€, some free mixtapes to get you started, and the company also has a free iOS app, "Bongiovi DPS," with a custom audio profile designed for the Berlin Boombox, to make it sound even better.

A flat-pack boombox for your smartphone, made from recycled cardboard
These build-it-yourself cardboard boomboxes offer a chance to mesh the audio style of the '80s with the smartphones of the 21st century.

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