Blu-Ray Player Earns Green Seal of Approval

sony blu-ray bdp-s350 player photo

Photo via PC Magazine

Blu-Ray is starting to get popular, and while we greenies encourage keeping what you have before buying new gadgets, folks who want to adopt the new technology have a greener option for a Blu-Ray player.

The Sony BDP-S350 received a PC Magazine green thumbs up. Read on for why.

The updated version offers significantly faster disc-loading times, improved DVD upconversion quality, and greater compatibility with the latest features of the Blu-ray disc format. The S350 is also the most energy-efficient BD player we've ever seen—and at $299.99, it's affordable.

This summary makes it sound pretty great! But there's a caveat:

The player features a quick-start option that can reduce its power-on to tray-open time to an impressive 6 seconds; however, the player's standby power consumption when using this feature jumps from a miserly 0.3 watts to 9.3W...If you forgo the quick-start option, the S350 ranks as the most energy-efficient disc player that I've tested.

It seems like a quick-start option would be an easy thing to give up for a better power consumption. Of course, we'd also love to see this made of recycled materials, and have an e-waste recycling program come with it - and not one that is catchy like, ahem, some other Sony take-back programs.

Room for improvement in the green department but still an efficient option if you're leaning towards this new tech. A full and detailed review is available at PC Magazine

Via PC Mag via Good Clean Tech
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