BioLite doubles the power output for its newest packable clean energy generator

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We love finding new camping and survival gadgets, especially ones that are truly useful. We've made lists of the best gadgets to have on a camping trip and in an emergency, but now we have another device to add to the lists.

BioLite has created another great camping accessory that brings us clean energy to charge our gadgets without adding to much bulk or weight to our packs. The company's CampStove and BaseCamp stove-chargers are loved by hikers, campers and off-grid enthusiasts alike.

Their new product, the KettleCharge, is a stand-alone charger that can be used with the company's stoves, any other camp stove or even an open flame and is capable of generating twice the power of their other products.

The KettleCharge is an 8-inch diameter, 3-inch thick disc that can be filled with water and placed over a heat source. The heat from the boiling water is turned into electricity by the thermoelectric generator. An attached handle contains a battery for storing energy for later use and a USB port on one end for connecting all your devices. The KettleCharge can produce up to 10 watts of power, which is plenty for charging a cell phone, tablet, LED headlamp or flashlight, water purifier and more.

The LED digital display shows lets you know when the device is in the right temperature range and ready to start charging your gadgets. It also alerts you if the temperature gets too hot.

The handle folds down to make it more compact for packing and the whole thing only weighs two pounds. The KettleCharge will be available for purchase starting in September for $149.

BioLite doubles the power output for its newest packable clean energy generator
The KettleCharge can be used with any heat source from camp stoves to open fires.

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