BioLite supersizes its gadget-charging thermoelectric stove

BioLite BaseCamp thermoelectric stove
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BioLite's thermoelectric CampStove, which is similar to a rocket stove in design and allows users to cook their meals or heat water with just twigs and to generate surplus electricity to charge small mobile devices, just got a big brother, which won the "Best New Gear" award at the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retailer, and will be hitting the market this fall.

The new version, dubbed BaseCamp, offers a much bigger cooking surface (13" diameter), a larger fuel port on the side for feeding wood into the stove, and can switch from grilling to boiling foods with just the shift of a lever. The BaseCamp also puts out more power than the original CampStove (5W output), includes an integrated battery for energy storage, and has a small flexible task light for helping the cook keep on cooking after dark.

The BaseCamp is based on the company's HomeStove, which is designed for use in developing countries, where it can reduce cooking fire smoke by 90%, while also using half the amount of wood as an open fire.

It's not light (20 lbs), it's not small, and it's not cheap ($300), but the BaseCamp sure could come in handy for not only cooking meals, but for providing electricity for taking all of those group car camping photos. According to OutsideOnline, the BaseCamp should be available sometime this summer.

In addition to the BaseCamp, BioLite is also introducing a "packable generator", which is a kettle for boiling water that also puts out 10W of power when used with any heat source, from a camp stove to an open fire.

BioLite supersizes its gadget-charging thermoelectric stove
The latest iteration of BioLite's electricity-generating campstove is big enough to cook for a family, and powerful enough to charge tablets.

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