BikeBrain iPhone App Offers Cyclists Customizable Training Programs and Ride Tracking

BikeBrain is a new iPhone app from Biologic that is perfect for cyclists who want to track how well they're doing on each ride, or the details about their route such as altitude and distance.

This handy (and free) app offers cyclists a customizable profile that shows what data is most pertinent to each rider, and it tracks the data from each ride so cyclists can compare rides. There is a training mode that will track information like speed, distance, intervals and other details to keep you on track. It is also handy for bike commuters, offering a map and even multitasking capabilities -- though we suggest you only do that at stop lights, if then.

We have a thing for bike apps, and you can pair this one with something like Bike Repair, which shows you how to fix your ride, or the Bike Hub Cycle Journey app if you're in the UK, which finds the easiest routes to get from here to there on bike.

Here are more details about what BikeBrain offers cyclists:

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