Bike helmet displays real-time maps and more for traveling with augmented reality

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Video screen capture LiveMap via Indiegogo

Augmented reality comes to motorcycle helmets in the form of LiveMap, a helmet that gives you navigation information and travel statistics within the visor of your helmet, and can even let you know when you're passing a cafe or other place of interest. It is a way to keep your eyes always on the road while getting help navigating to your destination. Thanks to the Android-based software and Google maps, it lets you know things like what street you're traveling on, when turns are coming up, travel speed and more.

Here's how it works:

The team that created this navigation helmet is raising funds on Indiegogo to make the concept a reality.

helmet imageLiveMap via Indiegogo/Video screen capture

Here are the helmet's specifics:

    augmented reality for easy and user-friendly navigation

    clearly visible collimated image i.e. it is always in focus, just like that in scope sights

    full-color, translucent picture is projected right on the visor like in a F-35 fighter helmet, it's safe, provides unobstructed view, doesn't distract attention and eliminates the need for a separate display

    supposed size of the system fits a motorcycle helmet - our helmet is going to be just a bit bigger than usual

    two 3000 mAh batteries for a long operation time

    microphone for voice control that keeps both hands free for driving

    two earphones

    light sensor for adjusting the image brightness according to external light conditions

    G-sensor, gyroscope, digital compass for head movement tracking (the picture changes according to the view direction)

    our own minimalistic interface that will be used instead of standard Android interface. Thus you will not be able to play games or watch video on the go, sorry!

helmet imageLiveMap via Indiegogo/Video screen capture

As Dvice notes, "The helmet is scheduled to start shipping in August of 2014 for $2,000 each, but the group is offering the helmet for $1,500 for early supporters of the project on Indiegogo. International launch parties will also be held for the device next year in Russia, Tokyo, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Berlin, and Paris."

We may very well be looking at the future of getting from one place to another with turn-by-turn navigation. Is this something you would wear as a motorcyclist, or possibly as a cyclist? Do you think the visuals of augmented reality are a help or hindrance to safe travel?

Bike helmet displays real-time maps and more for traveling with augmented reality
For those who want to safely add the convenience of Google Maps to their field of vision while traveling on a motorcycle, this new helmet design will interest you.

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