Bheestie Bags Save Your Wet Electronics

We're always talking about how the greenest gadget owner is one who makes their electronics last. But sometimes no matter how caring an owner you are, stuff happens. Rain, sweat, or an accidental drop in the toilet bowl can kill a cell phone or MP3 player unless you know how to do some speedy resuscitation for electronics. These Bheestie Bags promise to be the resource you need to get the wet out.

The Bheestie Bag is a $20 solution for damp gadgets. It contains a moisture-absorbing bead bag that you seal your electronic in with, and the bag can last up to a year, or as long as the blue beads stay blue -- once they turn white it's a sign your bag needs replacement. If you drop your cell phone in a bucket of water, you can put it immediately in the bag and wait with crossed fingers for 24-72 hours. With luck and some blue beads, it might be salvaged.

The bag is not just for when you accidentally splash water all over your phone. It is also for regular use to keep your device lasting longer. The Bheestie Bag site states, "Most of your electronics are exposed to moisture on a daily basis from regular usage. When talking on you cell phone there is moisture on your hands, in your saliva, humidity, droplets of water. If you use headphones there is sweat, humidity, etc. By using BHEESTIE on a regular basis you will be removing that moisture decreasing the chance of corrosion or malfunctioning."

We like anything that will make electronics last longer, since the high rate of replacement and the low rate of recycling are spelling out serious problems.

Now, you can do the same thing with a bowl of rice, which can suck the moisture out of a cell phone if you leave it in for about 24 hours. And a bowl of rice is likely the more eco-friendly way to go, and a lot cheaper. But if you're out and about and something happens -- say on a camping trip -- then it is much more important to keep your gadget alive than be choosy about rice or Bheestie Bags.

We don't normally promote a $20 manufactured product when a bowl of rice could do the same thing -- it just goes against basic green thinking. But we have to admit that in a pinch, this could be a great resource to have around.

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Bheestie Bags Save Your Wet Electronics
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