The best present ever: A 3D printed gummy version of yourself

© Fab Cafe

Fab cafeFab Cafe/Promo image

Who says 3D printing isn't useful and important? At the fabulous Fab Cafe´ in Tokyo's Shebuya district, you can have yourself scanned and printed out for White Day, a holiday that happens a month after Valentines Day, where women give presents to men. (Nice idea!)

We covered the Fab Cafe last year; the shop has a CNC router that prints out your designs (or theirs) while you sip on your latte. Given that it is a cafe´ it only makes sense that they would move from plywood to food.

scanning© Fab Cafe

First they take a whole body scan;

conversion© Fab Cafe

Then they use the software to get out the imperfections, a sort of 3D photoshopping. (Using the word "rendering" seems somehow inappropriate with living creatures). A solid version is printed out; this is then used to vacuum-form a mould, which they pour the gummi stuff into. See more detail at the Verge.

gummies© Fab Cafe

In a lot of ways it is silly and wasteful; scanning, printing a solid version, making a mould, filling it with candy. At 6000 yen or about sixty bucks, it is an expensive little treat. At least the mould is reusable so you don't have to stop at one. And, it is yet another demonstration that we won't have any idea what this technology can do, people are coming up with all kinds of ideas, some of which might actually make sense.

I hope that the Fab Cafe´ (and White Day) will come to North America soon.

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