Bendable Electronic Paper!

The paperless age hasn't arrived yet because no acceptable alternative to the pulpy, inky stuff has come along. It may be some time before we fully leave the bound and printed page behind us, but we may have just taken a step closer to a good paperless alternative. Fujitsu has announced the creation of a flexible electronic "paper" that displays text and images in vivid color that is undistorted by touching or bending. Similar to a previously reported product by Fuji Xerox, power is required only to change from one image to another, leaving the contents of the screen present even with no power flow.
Expected to hit the market next year, the electronic paper uses between 1/100 and 1/10,000 of the power required by a conventional flatscreen monitor, and with no computer monitor flicker, which may make it easier on the eyes. Electronic paper of course has a wide range of applications, but a good electronic "book," good enough to please those who truly love books and love to read, would probably be the most satisfying. :: Fujitsu