Beautiful Wood iPhone Skin Helps with Reforestation

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It's no secret we like gadgets covered in wood - something about the feeling of permanence. Plus, wood makes for a solid protective cover for something like an iPhone. While not all wood cases are sustainable - like the un-TreeHugger zebra wood case we saw awhile back - Vers is a company that is working to make this wood iPhone case one of the most sustainable on the market. They've joined up with The Arbor Day Foundation to create an offer tough for any iPhone-toting greenie to refuse. Offered in Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo, the $40 cases make your phone pretty while protecting it. Which is nice, but not necessarily enough to justify buying a wood case instead of, oh, cardboard. So the company has linked up with The Arbor Day Foundation to ensure that more trees get planted than chopped down for these cases.

wooden iphone case image

According to the press release, "Like the Vers 2X and Vers 1.5R, Vers cases are designed with the same passion for sustainability; for each tree used in Vers case production, 100 are re-planted through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forestry Service to re-forest parklands damaged by fire and other natural disasters. We're excited to offer a product that goes well beyond achieving sustainability to actually helping to restore the environment."

It's certainly an admirable touch to the product, though it doesn't necessarily ensure that the wood used for the cases themselves are from sustainably forested trees, nor is it completely clear how the partnership functions so that consumers can be sure their purchase is making a difference. The only thing perfectly clear is that it is the hardwoods used for the cases that count - there are not trees planted for the cases made of bamboo. Even so, it's still a good way to replenish the wood used in the making of the cases somewhere in the world, and the company does seem to have a solid eye on sustainability, working also with eStewards and

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