Beautiful Bamboo Keyboards Warm Up Your Typing Experience

kinbamboo computer components image

Image via TongGu Kinbamboo Industry

A few more bamboo bits and pieces for your computer have hit our radar. Add them to the list of lovely wooden PC components we like. TongGu Kinbamboo Industry has keyboards, mouses, and USBs made from 4-6 year old bamboo. They really are gorgeous, and would no doubt lend a relaxing, earthy feel to your computer experience. The bamboo keys (rather than plastic that we've seen in the past) is an extra nice touch.

But, looks like they're only available wholesale right now. We're not quite sure how you get your hands on them, but when we track that down, we'll let you know.

For now, you might have to be content with busting open your Scrabble game and fashioning your own...

Via Greenpacks
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