BB Little Garden Is a Gadgety Solution to Growing Herbs Indoors

We've seen many designs over the years for growing herbs indoors. While they use up more resources and energy than just putting some pots out on the porch, they're important designs for foodies who like to cook with their own fresh herbs even though they live in apartments where they can't grow their own plants, or want fresh herbs during winter. However, of the many gadgety versions of a planter we've come across, this concept design by François-Xavier Martouzet is probably the most sleek.

It features just the basics -- three pots for herbs laid out under a row of LED lights.

It takes up hardly any space and is not obtrusive. Yanko Design points out, "Aesthetically and functionally, it’s more like a modern appliance and will blend perfectly in any kitchen."

Is this something you'd use if you lack a sunny window in which to place an herb garden?

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