Barnes & Noble Puts e-Books on iPhones, and Exclusive New Reader

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Move over Amazon. More than 700,00 titles are now available through Barnes & Noble, and they'll be readable not only on devices such as the iPhone, but the book seller wants to elbow in even more on the digital books industry and so has an exclusive with an particular e-reader that could end up being quite the competition. MSNBC reports that right now you can get more than half a million public domain books from Google Inc. through Barnes & Noble, with more on their way, and you can download them to read on the Plastic Logic e-reader. Yep!! The device that we've talked about several times here on TreeHugger is due to come out next year, and Barnes & Noble doesn't want to let a good thing go by. Readers will be able to get e-book best sellers for $9.99, and read them on iPhones, iPod Touch devices, Blackberries and most computers...and a Plastic Logic e-reader.

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The diversity of devices could make digital e-books more popular among readers because, unlike the Kindle, you're not limited to which books you can read on a particular device. They even highlight, right on the homepage, the Solio Classic Hybrid Charger as an item to buy to charge your reading device with solar power. Nice move, B&N;!

The company hopes to grow its list of titles to over 1 million by the end of next year.

You can download the e-reader for your iPhone, Blackberry, Mac or PC at Barnes & Noble. Stay tuned for more news about the Plastic Logic e-reader exclusive...

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