Barnes & Noble Nook e-Reader is Out and Ready to Wallop Kindle

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We heard rumblings of an exclusive e-reader coming out by Barnes & Noble back in July, then a couple weeks ago, we heard the bookseller would be ready to ship their e-readers by next month. Well, yesterday news broke that the Nook is out, and it's going to really cramp the Kindle's style. It looks lovely - and the features are impressive. The Nook has a 10 day battery life - with a replacable battery - WiFi and AT&T; 3G, native PDF support, and is priced competitively at $260 - the same as Kindle. It weighs 11.2 ounces, which isn't too bad, and runs on Android. It has two screens - the lower one being a color touch screen for easy browsing, and the upper reading screen being the easy-on-the-eyes e-paper.

According to B&N;, "Store as many as 1,500 eBooks, newspapers, and magazines on your nook, so you'll never be without your favorites. And with an added memory card you can keep up to 17,500. eBooks download in seconds. Many bestsellers and new releases are just $9.99, and thousands of titles are free, so you can enjoy more for less."

What we love about it as well is there's a lending feature, so you can loan books to friends for 14 days. Sharing is caring.

This is a super competitive addition to the e-Reader scene, and we're excited to see what kind of splash it makes. Considering the holidays are coming up, we won't be surprised if it sells very well. Exactly how much more green this would be as a gift, as opposed to a paperback book, we're not sure. Studies have shown, though, that reading on a device can be greener under various circumstances. We're guessing that if enough people use a reader for enough years - and these should be fairly durable devices - then the eco-impact of reading will be less.

Of course, nothing is as low carbon as the good old-fashioned library. But still...

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