Awesome Lamp Made of Used Ink Cartridges

ink cartridge lamp photo

Image via boxlightbox

What do you do when you can't stand the idea of wasted ink cartridges? One creative thinker decided to turn them into these cool lamps and chandeliers.Boxlightbox has come up with some great ways to turn empty ink cartridges into lamps for a great addition to an artsy or geeky home. Ranging from $35 to $200, the lamps and chandeliers are created out of what would have ended up in the trash bin.

The creator states: "I'm a print manager for a small photography business in North Carolina, and I couldn't bear to keep throwing out these awesome ink cartridges anymore. I love lamp!"

ink cartridge light photo

Making something cool out of used materials is often even greener than putting them in the recycling bin, since fewer resources go into transitioning it into another product. Plus, to green it up even more, you can opt to have the lamp lit with LEDs rather than incandescents for an extra $22.

Via Engadget
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