AT&T; Launches Cell Phone Charger with Zero Vampire Power Draw

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AT&T; has announced a new charger coming to market soon, one that solves the problem of excess power consumption during charging. As we know, phone chargers - and most charger - draw a small amount of power from the outlet even when the connected device is done charging. Concept devices and little mechanisms for remembering to unplug your charger to defeat vampire power abound, and AT&T; is on board with furthering energy efficiency. But does this mean you should rush out to buy it?AT&T; raves, "The advanced, energy-saving AT&T; ZERO Charger outperforms other chargers by automatically shutting down when not in use. "Vampire draw" is 100% eliminated and you'll never have to unplug your charger again!"

"In an effort to provide environmentally friendly and simpler solutions for our customers, AT&T; worked hand in hand with Superior Communications to create the first practical and user-friendly zero-draw charger for mobile phones," said Carlton Hill, vice president of Devices and Product Development for AT&T;'s wireless operations. "With the size of AT&T;'s customer base, providing solutions like these helps our customers make a big difference."

Vampire energy is certainly an issue, and AT&T;'s new charger is a boon for energy efficiency; however it still has a large amount of embodied energy and the draw from your cell phone charger is so minimal that it is very much NOT worth rushing out to replace your current charger. It would take years of using this charger before you would realize a return on your investment in energy. Keep this new charger in mind if you lose or break your current charger, but for now, just unplug your charger when your phone is done charging, and you'll end up being far greener.

That said, we wish all manufacturers making chargers would take a cue from AT&T; and ensure their devices eliminate vampire power. There's just no honestly good reason to have this be an issue when we're this technologically advanced. And while we're on it, let's have all chargers be universal, please. There's also no honestly good reason to have to have a separate charger for each of our electronic devices - it's just wasteful.

The charger is set to be available starting in May 2010.

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