ASUS N Series Notebooks Finally Make EPEAT Gold

asus N series photo

Ahh, getting a gold star feels warm and fuzzy. ASUS finally knows that feeling. While we've been somewhat underwhelmed in the past with the company's attempt at greener laptops, this incarnation looks promising.

Lenovo, Dell, HP and Toshiba have known it for awhile, scoring gold with their notebooks well before ASUS. But finally the bamboo-lovin’ computer company has broken into the club with an excellent score of 21 out of 27 optional points.

Read on for the score breakdown and a summary of this cool notebook. The EPEAT Gold score for ASUS reads:
Reduction/Elimination of environmentally sensitive materials: 8/8
Materials selsction 0/3
Design for end of life 5/5
Product longevity 2/2
Energy conservation 0/2
End of life management 1/1
Corporate performance 2/2
Packaging 3/4

We can see where ASUS needs to improve on the next go round – better material selection and better energy conservation.

Still the notebook is pretty awesome. It utilizes Super Hybrid Engine technology which preserves battery live by up to 35%. The display uses LED and so is mercury free and energy sipping. And the N series is Energy Star compliant.

Score for ASUS and computer geeks.

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