ASUS Gets First Ever EU Eco Flower Award

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ASUS, in addition to getting its N series notebooks ranked EPEAT Gold, has earned the first ever EU Flower Eco Award for computers for that very same notebook series.

While the name is rather, well, flowery, the award is not. It’s a really big deal they achieved it and makes a big green-hued statement to the rest of the computing world. ASUS has been a quiet leader for some time in environmental sustainability in the computer world. That is recognized by its earning one of the industry's toughest awards, and being the company that made the world’s first computers to earn it.

With the awarding of EU Flower certification to the N50, N80, N20, and N10 notebooks, ASUS notebooks have secured a spot in history as the world’s first computers to be conferred the prestigious award. Underscoring the magnitude of this achievement is the fact that 15,000,000 computers are sold in Europe each year, and ASUS N Series notebooks are the first to obtain EU Flower certification.

The award criteria includes energy savings, hazardous substances, product design, user instructions, packaging, labeling, noise, lifetime extension, and Takeback programs. A computer has to be all-around green to even rank for the EU Flower award – one of the highest rated and strictest standards for computing in the world.

Go, go Green ASUS!

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