Asus Bamboo Computer Arrives. Verdict: Feh

bamboo trimmed asus computer photo

Last year I was all gaga over Asus' bamboo computer. This year it is out, and so is most of the bamboo, due to "heat management" issues. There is some decorative bamboo around the touchpad but that is about it.

Last year we were more impressed by the guts than the case; it promised that "All of the plastic in it is labeled and recyclable; it is lined with cardboard; there are no paints, sprays or even electroplating used on its components." It was designed to be demountable and upgradable. Not a word about that, and the case looks awfully shiny.

shiny bamboo asus computer side

No word about EPEAT, a middling processor and only a gig of RAM, which will barely run Vista, and a $ 2,000 price tag. What an underpowered greenwashing cop-out. ::Gizmodo via ::Hippyshopper

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