As Cute As An EcoButton: Computer Energy Saver


Plug the EcoButton into your computer via a USB port, load the software and henceforth any time you’re not using the machine, (gone to lunch, phoning your bookmaker, gathering around the water cooler to hear the latest gossip) you tap the button and it puts your computer into energy saver mode. Tap any keyboard key on your return, and it returns to where you left off. Plus it tells you how much CO2 and how many dollars you've thus saved.

Psst! TreeHugger has been nominated for two Bloggy Awards—Best Topical Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Pleasevote for us us now! (Hint: To find us, scroll toward the bottom of the page.) Thanks! It looks to be about the same size and shape as the infamous hockey puck mouse that Apple supplied with the first bubble style iMacs. And although they use a new iMac for illustrative purpose, currently the EcoButton only works on Windows based PCs, running Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 bit. (A Mac version is promised.)

We guess the main benefit of the recycled plastic EcoButton over using the energy saving modes already available in your computer’s operating system is the simplicity. Tapping a button is easier than navigating menu bars. And they reckon that a business with 50 computers would save 6.80 Tonnes of CO2 and over $1,500 USD per year of electricity by using the EcoButton (were it employed to reduce an suggested average of two hours of non-machine use per day). ::EcoButton, via Slashgear.

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