Arrow Zone Concept Light Keeps Bicyclists Safer on the Road

Designer Junwon Yang came up with an interesting idea for cyclists riding on roads at night. It's a light that attaches to your bike and projects a red arrow on the road between you and cars on the road. It makes it easier for approaching cars to see, and hopefully respect, a bit of a buffer zone between cyclist and driver. It's a bit like the Light Lane idea we saw a few years back, but different designs projected on the road.

Yanko Design writes: "[T]his sleek attachment hooks to the side and projects a distinctive arrow to the lane to the side of your cycle. It’s a detachable unit thus you can hook it to either side of the bike, depending upon which side of the road you drive. Nice concept and with a few tweaks it can go to become a real good product."

I have to agree -- it's something I'd certainly try out for making cycling that much more safe at night. What about you -- is this something you'd want? Let us know in the comments.

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