"Rotten to the Core": Greenpeace Finds Laptops Still Ripe with Toxins


If you’re reading this, then you’re on the computer. If it’s a laptop, the computer may even be on you. Greenpeace recently did an in-depth lab analysis of five popular laptops and found some scary stuff. Testing for heavy metals, PVC, and bromated flame retardants (which have been shown to also act as human retardants), Greenpeace found laptops to be ripe with toxins. The five models tested were from Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, and Sony. Among the findings were that, although HP announced that it would stop using a type of flame retardant known as decaBDE a year ago (also see here), lab tests found otherwise. HP was also the only computer found to contain lead. Greenpeace has since downgraded HP's status in their Toxic Technology report card. While chromium was present in all models, Apple’s new MacBook was found to have the highest levels. Bromated flame retardants were found in around a quarter of all substances and components from all laptop models, both in internal parts like wires and fans, and in externals like mouse track pads. Check out Greenpeace’s detailed and extensive (but surprisingly readable) full report here. :: Greenpeace via Hugg
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