Apple's Unfixable Gadgets: That's Not Green


Last week were were all gaga over Apple's new "greener" MacBook Air, but this week it is back to reality as we learn from the eco-geek that the sixth generation iPods and the current iPod Nano have been designed to be 100% unfixable. Brett Mosely of ByMyTronics, who fixes and resells broken iPods, says:

The new generations of iPods and the iPhone are not designed to be opened. Because the Nano, iPhone and generation 6 "Classic" bodies are metal to metal the body gets completely trashed upon opening. In the Nanos and Shuffles, parts are actually soldered together, eliminating the possibility of simple repair. So, for me, it will be harder to fix these, increasing repair costs and diminishing their resale value after they have been repaired."

Lots more in::eco-geek and read the comments; just like in our post, it isn't a discussion, it is a culture war.