Apple Says No to Publishing Sustainability Report

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Apple's shareholders are requesting broader reporting of the company's sustainability and green efforts. Specifically, shareholders As We Sow proposed that Apple provide details about toxins, recycling, greenhouse gases, and similar environmental areas of concern. Apples response is disappointing.

The company issued a proxy filing on Wednesday in which it urged shareholders to vote against a shareholder resolution proposed by As You Sow, an environmental group co-sponsored by the New York City Office of the Comptroller and the Green Century Equity Fund.

The resolution would require the company to publish a CSR report detailing its approach to greenhouse gas emissions, toxics and recycling by July this year. The report would also require Apple to define "sustainability", and would include a company-wide review of policies contributing to sustainable operations.

In other words, environmentally-minded shareholders want Apple to do more than just market how green they are. And Apple really doesn't want to do that, saying that there is no added value in doing so, and that it's a waste of time considering they already provide much of the information demanded on their website already.

The added value now, however, seems to be saving some green face.

Apple faced months of criticism from Greenpeace over its failure to publish information on its policies regarding the use of toxic chemicals in its products, which culminated in an apology from Apple boss Steve Jobs and the release of a raft of new targets designed to phase out the use of hazardous chemicals.

The proxy filing came as Apple this week launched its new 17in MacBook Pro laptop, the latest model in what it claims is "the world's greenest family of notebooks".

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