Apple Says iPods Are Eco-Friendly

Apple recently announced that the fifth-generation iPod, iPod nano and iPod shuffle are 100% compliant with the upcoming restrictions of hazardous substances (RoHS) in California and Europe. The company said "...[T]he materials covered by the RoHS directive, including mercury, cadmium, chromium VI and brominated flame retardants, were voluntarily eliminated from all Apple products years ago. In addition, iPod power adapters now exceed Energy Star efficiency requirements and already meet California's stricter appliance efficiency regulations, which are scheduled to take effect July 1, 2008." Apple also today announced an expansion of its U.S. recycling program, offering free computer take-back and recycling with the purchase of a new Macintosh system beginning in June. The company said that customers who buy a new Mac through the online Apple Store or Apple retail stores will receive free shipping and environmentally friendly disposal of their old computer. :: Apple Press Release via iLounge