Apple Going With OLED in New Notebooks?

macbook display screen photo

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Word on the street is that Apple is looking at getting 15" OLED displays from LG to use in its new notebooks due out in June. Apple is barreling on to be the greenest in the land, so this announcement isn't too surprising considering OLEDS are the next big thing in energy efficient display technology. June seems awfully soon to be getting 15" OLEDs into notebooks, however. Sources at LG in Korea say that Apple is ready to launch not only new notebooks but also the iPhone and iPod Touch with OLED screens later in the year. According to SmartHouse:

One source that SmartHouse has spoken to claims that Apple already have working prototype of a new Netbook which will be manufactured in Taiwan with the OLED screen supplied by LG.

Sources in Taiwan told ChannelNews last month that Apple were looking at an OLED based notebook that will also incorporate new touch screen technology. Now sources in Korea are saying that this information is correct and that one area where LG has been testing OLED panels is in the area of touch sensitivity and "leave behind finger marks".

An LG staffer has also claimed that the new notebooks with OLED tech will be out in a few months.

We'll leave the arrival guessing games up to other sites, and instead focus on the OLED technology itself. If it's the case that a MacBook will have an OLED screen, that means it'll be one of the very few to arrive on the market, and that it'll bring massive attention and competition to the notebook market. Whether it's this year or next year, it'll still be great to see OLEDs hurry up and arrive in notebooks - right now they're found in many cell phones, and even a digital photo frame, but are not readily available in large devices simply because of the massive price hike the device would experience.

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