This app turns your produce barcode into an extended label

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If you go to the farmers market or direct to the grower, it's pretty easy to know where your fresh produce comes from. But if you're shopping for apples or pears or lettuce at your grocery store, most of the time the only information you have to go on is the little barcode on each item of produce, or at most the name of the farm and its location on the signage.

However, many of us want to know more about where our food comes from, especially the produce, and now a new app can make that a whole lot simpler.

The greenScans app can turn that produce barcode into an extended label, complete with info about the farm that grew it (and their growing practices), the nutritional content of each item, and even recipes (so you can go ahead and throw that jicama in your basket with confidence).

"Every barcode on a piece of fruit, packaged berries, boxed raisins, bagged nuts, pouched dried fruit, bottled fruit juice or bunch of vegetables can tell a story that educates and connects the consumer to the produce and the grower. Shoppers, don't stop at the label to decide what’s best for your table. Through one scan, you can explore the extended label, connect with your grower and Know Your Produce!" - greenScans

The free greenScans app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, and can enable smarter shopping, not only for your own health, but also so that you can better support farmers that use growing practices that you can get behind with your grocery dollars.

"Come join us on our journey, where the simplicity of the past is preserved by the technologies of the future. Connect with your produce in a whole new way; using technology to return to old school values of knowing where your produce comes from and how it was grown." - greenScans

Get greenScans here and start learning the story of your fresh produce.

This app turns your produce barcode into an extended label
What do you know about the produce you're about to buy? With greenScans, the barcode sticker on fresh produce items can help you get to know your food's story.

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