This app is like a nutritional label for the political spending of the companies behind the products

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Which political party does your shopping support? BuyPartisan aims to help you put your money where your beliefs are.

Do the choices you make when shopping support companies that contribute to causes and candidates that run counter to your personal beliefs? Many of us TreeHuggers are avid label readers, and try to buy products we can stand behind, while avoiding those with sketchy ingredients or additives that may not be conducive to our health or that of our planet.

However, that strategy only goes so far, as nutritional labels don't tell us much of anything about the company that makes the product, or the corporation that owns that company, or how they do business, or which political party and campaign they support with donations.

Even the most fastidious of label readers will never find a list of the company's Board of Directors on the side of a product, or the name of the CEO and their political leanings, but that's about to change, thanks to an app that adds a bit of transparency to the political spending of the companies behind the products we buy.

"Just scan a barcode while you’re out shopping, and all of that company’s political spending information will immediately pop up in the BuyPartisan app. Start putting your money where your beliefs are! "

BuyPartisan, a free app for iOS (Android version is coming soon), allows shoppers to scan the barcode of a product they're considering buying, which brings up that company’s political spending information, including the donations of the CEO, Board of Directors, employees, and political action committees (PACs). The app also allows users to compare that info from several companies, in order to find products from companies that best support their values and beliefs.

The app is currently in beta, and while more products and companies will be added, many products from Fortune 250 companies can already be scanned and their political spending compared. Find out more about BuyPartisan at Spend Consciously, or download the app at the App Store.

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