The App for a More Sustainable Lifestyle: EcoChallenge

Reading about environmental and sustainability issues on TreeHugger is one way to get informed about changes and choices we can make for a more sustainable lifestyle, but another great way is through using the info from this eco app, which can be always at your fingertips.

The EcoChallenge app for the iPhone and iPad aims to be your adviser throughout your daily routine, helping you to live a greener life and make more sustainable choices. It's full of helpful infographics about topics relating to the environmental impact of our personal lives, with eco-tips for making more appropriate choices, and the personal challenge aspects of the app help you track (and share with others) the changes you're making.

A personal footprint calculator helps us to monitor how our choices affect the environment, from the food we eat to the water and electricity we use, and can track our progress toward living a more eco-conscious life. The app covers topics such as plastic, local food, meat, fish, water, and lighting, with new topics being added regularly.

The app was created as a part of the research project EcoViz from the Interaction Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and Raureif GmbH.

EcoChallenge is free and can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store.

The App for a More Sustainable Lifestyle: EcoChallenge
If you need help achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, or help in convincing others to work toward it, this free app will be your daily adviser.

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