App shows your carbon footprint based on your purchases

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A new web app called Oroeco is the world's first to monitor your carbon footprint based on your purchases. The app has partnered with, a popular and very user-friendly budgeting tool that tracks your purchases and automatically breaks down and organizes how you spend your money every month (i.e. $200 on entertainment, $500 on groceries, etc.). By utilizing's software, the Oroeco app can easily analyze the climate impact of your behaviors and provide you with monthly reports on your carbon footprint.

The app doesn't just show you your footprint, but it also compares your impact to other users in your area or your Facebook friends and gives you information on how to reduce your impact. When you make decisions that cut your number like eating less red meat or cutting out plastic bags, you can earn in-app badges and real-life rewards, like a Nest Thermostat.

If you have a month with a larger than usual footprint, Oroeco lets you purchases carbon offsets right through the app, if you'd like.

Oreoco says in a blog post, "Whether or not Oroeco puts a dent in climate change really depends on you. We’re only as powerful as the number of you using us, the amount you decide to take meaningful action, and the friends you encourage to do the same."

"Once we have information in the right place and incentives in the right place, we can build on that social benchmarking and play off that desire to not just be as good as average," Oroeco founder Ian Monroe said to Inc.. "If you want to be better than average, and achieve that, it's always going to be pushing that average down. We can move the needle on carbon output that way."

The Oroeco blog offers a lot of helpful information about the climate impact of different everyday behaviors so that users can make for informed decisions. Oroeco is currently in beta, but a mobile app will be launching soon.

App shows your carbon footprint based on your purchases
The app analyzes your monthly impact through a partnership with's personal finance software.

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