Another Stake Through the Heart of Vampire Power

Here's a clever little so and so. We all know about the deleterious effects of "wall warts" and their insatiable vampire-like appetite for sucking phantom power from our walls and power grids, and dollars from our pockets. It's good to see more smart strips (and potentially even talking adaptors) come on to the market. The little Mini Power Minder has the smarts to shut off your computer's peripherals and doodads when the computer itself is shut down. A USB cable connection lets the devise know when the computer is powered down and correspondingly shuts off power to the second outlet. Plugging a power strip into the second outlet would mean your printer, external hard drive, iPod, speaker system, and on-desk margarita blender can all go sleepy time when the PC is put to bed. Pricing in a $14.95, this might be irresistible. Assumedly, the upper outlet (for the computer) does stay active, which still means some power drain, making it not as smart at the Smart Strip, but comes in at about half the price. :: Mini Power Minder via Hugg (Linton)