Android Phone Users May Get to be Part of the Solar Power Party Too

android solar phone image

Image via Android Central

Cell phones powered by renewable energy sources seem to be a buzz topic lately. And solar cells on mobile devices are the energy source of choice, it seems. Back in February, ZTE showed off the first affordable cell phone featuring solar power. Now, it looks like the company is planning on releasing a version for Android users, which could make the phone big in two ways.The Android platform is picking up speed in the mobile phone sector, and this new device from ZTE will likely be released in the second quarter of 2010, giving the market a little more time to get accustomed to both Android and solar as an option before it hits.

TalkAndroid reports that ZTE Sales Director Wu Sa noted before production can start, the company needs to look carefully at how both the Android platform and solar panel power affects the handset's features and capabilities. Still, if they can release this version of their very cheap $40 solar powered phone showed off earlier in the year, our guess is quite a few people are going to test it out, giving the Android platform more than just a solar boost.

Android mobile devices are already helping users go green with some great apps, including Ecorio's carbon footprint calculator. Adding solar is icing on the cake.

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