An Even Greener Apple: Innovate!

I wanted to give you my take on the Greening of Apple. (Our last take on the news about Apple seemed to concentrate on Steve Job's zen-like writing style). Here's the thing: Apple has an image as an innovative company. It's also a very high-profile American company. So Apple needs to take some heat on green issues — more heat than other electronics manufacturers. The company has to be innovative on the green front, or at least address those issues more throughly. That's why it was refreshing to see Steve Jobs taking green issues seriously with his recent "A Greener Apple" letter. I liked his pledge to eliminate arsenic and mercury in displays, by switching over to LED backlight technology for Mac displays, and using arsenic-free glass in those displays. The expansion of the recycling program was also welcome. There are many other steps Apple could make to be an innovative green company. How about tree-free paper for all printed materials, moving over to 100% renewable power, or designing Apple stores and offices to be green buildings? Make Apple a meta-green company!