Amazon "Frustration Free" Packaging Fail

amazon frustration free packaging

Photo via The Consumerist

Amazon has a "frustration free" packaging option for a lot of the items it ships. Through this option, the company attempts to cut down on the amount of wasteful packaging it sends out. However, even when they made their announcement we noted that the packaging still looked wasteful. And, well, it is. Proven by the image above. In fact, this is worse than what they showed with their announcement. When Amazon showed off it's frustration free packaging, it showed the use of this rather oversized envelope for an SD card:

amazon frustration free

But it seems someone in the shipping department didn't think that was good enough for this particular SD card, which appears to have come inside another box. Though that might have been added for size reference. Either way, we also spy quite a bit of plastic in the scene, which is completely unnecessary, along with the size of that envelope.

Braced for the familiar argument, "But it has to be that size or it'll get lost or damaged," I have to it won't. Postcards don't (usually) get lost, nor do birthday cards. They're smaller than this. Put an SD card - which is already placed in a protective plastic case - in an envelope that size and I am willing to put money down that the majority of the time it'll arrive safe and sound at the recipient's home (at least at the same ratio that anything arrives undamaged).

Braced also for the familiar argument, "They use that size envelope because it's a handy universal size for many products," I have to is something closer to the size of a business envelope. If Amazon is aiming for "frustration free" then they can certainly have more size appropriate standard shipping envelopes at the ready.

And, they don't have to put the SD card in an envelope and then into a box. C'mon.

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